probably... the greatest
football shirt collection in the world

The well renowned “Neville Evans Collection” of football memorabilia has been displayed in various museums and exhibitions around the globe. An extraordinary collection that exudes historical significance that has seen many of its items regularly used by FIFA, UEFA and other governing bodies. From Preston’s former home of the National Football Museum, to South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey and beyond, the public the world over have had the opportunity to glimpse at small parts of the truly amazing selection of footballing artifacts contained within it. A large part of the collection, its football shirts, has never been available to view in full anywhere, well that is until now.    


“Probably…. the greatest football shirt collection in the world” has been borne from this wonderful collection of football memorabilia, to become an online archive of the players match worn shirts and other match used items. 

The first seeds of the collection were planted in the mid-1990's a few years after Christie's Auction House held its first specialist football memorabilia auction. As other Auction Houses saw the potential and the public's interest in football memorabilia grew at the turn of the new millennium, the expansion of the Neville Evans Collection took off.

The last decade of regular purchases of all types of football memorabilia, established Neville Evans as the foremost collector of football memorabilia in the UK. During this time excellent relationships have been forged with all the major UK Auction Houses, ex-players, former football administrators & officials but TNFSC is especially happy to be working closely with the National Football Museum. After reviewing the market in 2010 it was decided to concentrate more specifically on match shirts, international caps and paper ephemera items.

So TNFSC was set up with the aim of protecting a section of historical artifacts, its football shirts, and displayed here for the enjoyment and hopefully the admiration of other collectors and football fans the world over. It is a truly huge archive of unbelievable quality, rare and unusual match worn football shirts and match used items. But due to it being the largest personal collection in private ownership and the enormous number of football shirts it contains, it may take months - maybe even years - to have them all included on this web site. So it is work in progress, but now the collection is being photographed and catalogued, the site will be regularly updated. 

PLEASE NOTE: NONE OF THE ITEMS HEREIN THE COLLECTION ARE FOR SALE. Any request to purchase items will be politely declined.